Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spotlight on.....By Terry

Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.
My new favourite make-up range, By Terry, is the brainchild of Terry de Gunzburg. Formerly of Yves Saint Laurent (Touche Eclat was a key product), Terry's eponymous make-up line has been available in France for several years but has recently been lauched in the UK and the USA. By Terry products are distinguished by their usability, range of colors and light texture. You never feel like you are wearing make-up, just that your skin has been improved.
The bedrock of the range is its wonderful choice of foundations. Echoes of Touche Eclat can be seen the newest product - Light Expert. This is a chubby foundation pen with a large brush. This makes application very easy. The foundation itself is extremely blendable and, as its name would suggest, light reflective. My other favourite products are the eye shadows, which I find extremely long lasting and to have an excellent, wearable colour palette and the mascara. The innovative shape of mascara wand allows the mascara to coat the lashes exactly where it is needed (more at the outer corners). Lashes are left looking natural, but fabulous.
By Terry products are innovative and well designed. Their practicality makes them perfect for the woman who does not have hours to spend on her make-up every day.

Beauty Burst - Shiseido The Skincare

Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.
It has always been my opinion that prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to good skincare. However, it seems that everyday there is a new skincare range vying for attention. Over the years, in the name of science (and because I have difficult skin) I have tried many of these ranges, from cheap to expensive. I have just discovered a recently reformulated range which is perfect for my skin - Shisedio The Skincare. Ok, "So just because it suits your skin doesn't mean it will suit my skin" you might say. I would agree. However, the beauty of the Shiseido range is that it has three different levels: light, normal and enriched, so that you can be advised of the right level for your specific skin type. I use the "light" end of the spectrum because I have sensitive, oil-prone skin.
The innovative formula has replaced the "toner" stage of a normal skincare routine with a "skin softener". This is a viscous, clear lotion which plumps the skin and allows you to use less moisturiser afterwards. After using the routine for a month, my skin is glowing, and it hasn't been glowing for years.
A word of warning - if looking to buy the product in the UK, make sure to check that you are buying the updated range, some counters haven't replaced the old stock yet.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A Quick Message From Quis Sum?

Hello all!

Never fear, there will be new posts soon. Sorry for the delay - have been away. However, you can expect some goodies over the coming weeks, including: destination and shopping reviews for New York City, some very useful beauty ideas and much more.


Quis Sum?