Monday, June 25, 2007

How To Sale Shop - 5 Easy Rules

Sale season is upon us once more in London. With Quis Sum's easy to follow rules, you are sure to find a great bargain:

1. shop in off-peak hours - this means that the shops will be less crowded. If you have to shop on a Saturday, make sure you get there early.

2. grab first, think later - as you go round, pick up anything that catches your eye. When you have finished, sort through items and systematically discard those in which you are no longer interested.

3. go with your gut - if you have ANY doubts about the item, DO NOT buy it. You WILL regret it.

4. buy investment pieces - these are the best pieces to buy in a sale. It is worth paying more if you know that you will get years of wear out of it.

5. be determined - have a goal in mind (a certain item, a certain designer) and keep at it

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You Heard It Here First!

If you didn't believe me about fans, have a look at this recent picture of Cameron Diaz.

See, Quis Sum is always ahead of the trends!
(Click on image for enlargement.)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Keeping Cool In The Summer Heat

Loewe fan. Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.
With the onset of global warming, cities in the summer are hotter and more humid than ever before. This can be a particular problem if you live in London, or a city in another country which has thus far been used to mild, rainy summer weather. There is a lack of adequate air-conditioning the shops, offices and homes. There is no accustomed siesta (although perhaps that is a bit much to expect!). There are also precious few ways of keeping cool when the thermometer rises. One way, however, is a fan. I don't mean the faintly annoying, buzzy portable electrical fans which M&S likes to sell in the summer months. I mean a traditional, old-fashioned fan. These are perhaps not the easiest of objects to find. A trip to Brussels, Bruge or Gent can yield a fine, lace version. However, these can be expensive and are more decorative than practical. The place to buy practical, chic fans in a variety of colours and styles is in Loewe boutiques and concessions. More famous for its leather goods and silk, the legendary Spanish house nonetheless produces an incomparable range of fans. Some of the items are collectables. However, the vast majority are easily affordable, durable and practical. A fan is an invaluable addition to our new balmy summers. Boutiques and concessions worldwide.

Affordable vs. Expensive....Make-Up Bags

Catseye bag. Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.
Make-up bags decorated with photographs have been popular for a while now, mainly thanks to the designs of Anya Hindmarch. This range, with cheeky, amusing photographs, features several different bag sizes, one of which is a make-up bag. The bags are made from printed satin and feature a signature Anya Hindmarch zip pull.
However, a new contender has come on to the market. Catseye make-up bags feature cute photographs of farmyard animals and are waterproof inside and out.
Whether you choose the more expensive version (Anya Hindmarch) or the more affordable style (Catseye) a whimsically decorated make-up bag can brighten any day!
Catseye bags available from Fenwick in the UK.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Five Great Jackets

A jacket is a very useful wardrobe item. It can instantly smarten any outfit, or keep you warm, or protect you from the sun. Here are five great examples of different types to look out for. They range from cheap to expensive, proving that there is something out there for every budget:

Uniqlo. Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.
A crop-sleeved jacket with a relaxed cut which is perfect for a summer outfit.

Topshop. Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.

A double breasted jacket in neutral beige would be perfect with many different types of trousers.

Paul and Joe. Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.
A pinstripe jacket with a slightly masculine cut adds edge and hardness to an outfit.

Smythe. Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.

An unusual, bolero-style evening jacket made from quilted velvet. It is exceptionally versatile and can be worn over dresses as well as trousers.

Chloe. Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.
For Autumn
A pre-fall gem from Chloe, this tweed funnel neck jacket will be indispensible in chillier weather.