Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lady Grey Jewellery

Photograph courtesy of Kabiri.
Once the mark of an eccentric spirit, skulls have proliferated recently: they are on jewellery, clothes, scarves, shoes, everything really. Which is shame, because I love a good, old fashioned memento mori. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd a bit, and, if you love eccentric, just this side of gothic, jewellery you might want to consider the new range Lady Grey.

Lady Grey is based in Brooklyn but is available in various locations including Kabiri in the UK and through the Kabiri online store. The jewellery is unusual, using unconventional motifs or conventional motifs in unusual ways. The aesthetic is somewhat stark, but, to my mind, effective. Some pieces have to be looked at a couple of times to work out exactly what they are. Unusual techniques and materials are also used, such as oxidized silver. All this adds up to a line which is definitely worth considering if you like the more unconventional, less widely available things in life.
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Monday, October 08, 2007

Just Another Man - ic Monday: The Secret Of Stylish Dressing

Photograph courtesy of Burton.
I'm going to let you in to a little secret. Dressing stylishly is not that hard. You just need to follow three little rules:

1. be true to yourself
2. be comfortable in what you are wearing (this doesn't mean tracksuits at all times, it means don't wear something you feel like an idiot in)
3. if you don't have a huge budget, buy cheaper clothes and more expensive accessories (except suits, buy the best suit you can afford)

Luckily, just like with womenswear, the menswear market is rapidly expanding. This means that there are better, cheaper ranges out there. One good example is the recently launched Burton Black Label, a capsule of collection of 35 key pieces in neutral colors. This means that items can be mixed and matched, both with other items in this collection and clothes you already own. The collection is very competitively priced. I would suggest, however, in order to prevent too much uniformity, that you put your own spin on items: a bright belt, interesting shoes, something which shows your personality. for details

Name To Watch....Alexandra Vidal

Photograph courtesy of Alexandra Vidal.
A contestant on the first series of Project Runway, Alexandra Vidal now has a burgeoning, eponymous fashion line. At the moment, it is only available in New York and Miami. However, we are predicting that her company is going to grow and grow and we suggest you keep your eye open for her name in the future.

The current collection, inspired by the macaroons and gateaux of famed Parisian patisserie Laduree, is a wonderful selection of delicate yet striking cocktail and evening looks. The palate is muted, with an emphasis on exceptional surface detail. It is no wonder than Vidal's designs are starting to be seen on some of New York's top social figures. Vidal also provides a custom ordering service.
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Modern Classic - Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

Launched with much fanfare in 2005, this discreet Hermes scent is both modern and timeless. I have a personal dislike of overly floral or musky scents, which makes this an absolute winner for me. Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a clean, citrus-sy scent with base notes of sycamore and frankincense and top notes of grapefruit and green mango. The scent was created by Hermes' legendary "nose", Jean-Claude Ellena and immediately transports the wearer on a journey to the Nile. Another winning feature of this perfume is its elegant bottle - tall, stately, tinged with subtle gradations of green. The perfume is designed to be unisex but, unlike the majority of unisex perfumes, it does not feel too heavy for a woman to wear. It remains a modern classic amidst an increasingly crowded perfume field. One reason for this is that Hermes perfumes are characterized by their use of the best possible ingredients, resulting in a more natural smell.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beauty Blast - Nails Inc Treatment Pack 4

Photograph courtesy of Nails Inc.
In my experience, manicures in London can be fair to middling, for the most part. This is most strongly illustrated when one goes to New York and gets a magnificent, long-lasting manicure complete with complimentary shoulder massage for about $10 (that is £5, give or take). No wonder New York women have a reputation for being more groomed. Often in London, a manicure can leave you wondering why you bothered spending all the money - especially when it starts to chip the very next day. An exception is Nails Inc. These nail bars offer great service and good value for money. One manicure lasted a record seven days and this period included a trip abroad with its associated lifting of suitcases (usually such a guaranteed nail chipper that I don't even bother with a manicure). Nails Inc also offer a wonderful range of take home products for keeping your nails looking great all the time. My favorite pack is "treatment pack 4" which contains all the bits and bobs needed to help hard to grow nails: lotus oil slick pen, nail buffer, strengthening treatment, top coat and express remover wipe. The pack is well designed, practical and produces real results.
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Monday, October 01, 2007

Just Another Man - ic Monday: Tretorn Hockeyboot Paninari

Photograph courtesy of Tretorn.
Welcome to the inaugural edition of "Just Another Man - ic Monday". From now on, Monday posts will be dedicated to the world of men's fashion and accessories. Some of my male readers have been pestering me to do this for a while. So, enjoy, and excuse the pun!

Tretorn Hockeyboot Paninari
I would like to bring your attention to a stylish alternative to Converse high-tops. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with Converse, quite the contrary. However, there is nothing wrong with a little variety.
Tretorn, a little known Swedish company, is slowly building a well-deserved following further afield. Whilst Tretorn also produces apparel, its sneaker line is especially successful. I am told that they are extremely comfortable. This model, the "Hockeyboot Paninari" is new for this season and features a padded, quilted-look upper which is a reference to the "Paninari" movement (apparently) which inspired the boot.
The boot is available in several colors and with either leather or polyester upper. Depending on how brave you are, you can pick anything from utilitarian black to bold orange. These sneakers are distinguished from the rest of the field by their discreet yet quirky design features married to innate practicality.
Tretorn also stock apparel, womens footwear and accessories.
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