Monday, November 06, 2006

It's Outerwear Jim, But Not As We Know It

Much in the same way that the original Star Trek series showed what people thought the world would be like in future years, this season's key coats are reminiscent of futuristic 1960s and 1970s designs. Bold patterns, daring shapes, embellishment and a mix of fabrics are all key looks this season. Having said that, there is a great deal of choice out there and you are sure to find your dream coat.
Bold Shapes
This season is awash with bold, futuristic shapes. Particularly popular are swing and trapeze coats. Funnel necks are also about, but these can be a little uncomfortable (at least to my mind) so make sure you don't completely sacrifice substance for style (tempting as this may be). Chloe has some good examples of bold shapes. Burberry is great for swing coats, some of their only designs not belted this season. For a rarer coat, try Jean Paul Gaultier, who has belted coats with wide "skirts" this season. Bold shapes are often collarless, so bear this in mind when you are on the hunt.
If you want bold patterns, you need look no further than Missoni, the make to beat in this field. Admittedly patterns can be daunting, but worn well, with plain clothes and minimal accessories, they can look particularly stunning. Ashish, Charles Anastase and Richard Chai are some other examples of interesting prints.
Embellishment takes many forms on coats this season, from belts to buttons to badges. However, beware, because it can also date badly, leaving you with a coat which is only wearable for one season. With this in mind, embellishment through buttons is perhaps the best thing to look for as these can always be changed in the future. Miu Miu and Prada have some good examples. YSL's sequined astrakhan coats and rosebud capes are the epitome of this season's feminine take on embellishment.
Quis Sum?

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