Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spotlight on.....Fresh

Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.
While there has been a proliferation of natural and naturally inspired cosmetic brands, Fresh remains one of the best. With a wide range of products: make-up, skincare, haircare, perfume and bodycare, there is plenty to choose from for both men and women. The beauty of Fresh is two-fold: firstly, that the products are really effective (and this coming from a paid-up beauty sceptic) and secondly, that the packaging is delicate and exquisite, worthy of any dressing table. Particularly impressive is the wide range of ingredients used and the strange-sounding, but surprisingly effective, combination of these ingredients. I am notoriously difficult to find perfume for, so never would I have thought that I would be wearing a fragrance called "redcurrant basil", and yet, I am. It is delightfully fruity and light, with just the right level of crispness. Similarly successful are the wide range of soap scents. There is something to please everybody. My spies tell me that the V-tonic soap is particularly effective on dry skins. Furthermore, the wide range of gift (many different prices) sets can be particularly useful when you need a last minute present.
The staff in the shops are friendly and knowledgeable, so the best thing to do is drop in and try some products.
Fresh shops in the USA, UK and Korea. See for details.

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