Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Funny Valentine!

Photography copyright Louisa McKenzie.

So, Valentine's day is fast approaching: the one day of the year which strikes joy into the hearts of some and fear/abject desperation into the hearts of others. If you are worried about what to buy this year, here are some suggestions for unusual gifts:

1. spa vouchers - some would say a little boring and uninventive but they will always be popular with the person receiving the gift. You are giving them the gift of time and relaxation.
2. a rare book/record - a gift which is obviously dependent on the stage of the relationship (never too much too soon) and the personal taste of your partner. However, if your loved one has a favorite author or book, or has always been looking for a rare record or DVD, nothing says "I love you (and I was listening all those times you told me about it)" like this type of gift.
3. a well-planned event - this is the ideal gift if work takes up a lot of your and/or your partner's time. Plan something like a picnic (weather permitting), a special meal, a bike ride, anything which suits your partner. Make sure you have enough time to do it - don't worry if you can't manage Valentine's Day, pick a time you can both do.
4. "Good Gifts" - a reall great idea for a gift these days is to give someone a charity gift. Goats are very popular at Christmas, but there are many more to choose from and there is something for every budget. The companies often also have occasion-suitable gifts Just make sure the company is reputable. Popular and effective companies are: Good Gifts, Oxfam Unwrapped and Cafod World Gifts.

TOP TIP - pretty, well-thought out wrapping goes a long way!

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