Monday, June 25, 2007

How To Sale Shop - 5 Easy Rules

Sale season is upon us once more in London. With Quis Sum's easy to follow rules, you are sure to find a great bargain:

1. shop in off-peak hours - this means that the shops will be less crowded. If you have to shop on a Saturday, make sure you get there early.

2. grab first, think later - as you go round, pick up anything that catches your eye. When you have finished, sort through items and systematically discard those in which you are no longer interested.

3. go with your gut - if you have ANY doubts about the item, DO NOT buy it. You WILL regret it.

4. buy investment pieces - these are the best pieces to buy in a sale. It is worth paying more if you know that you will get years of wear out of it.

5. be determined - have a goal in mind (a certain item, a certain designer) and keep at it

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