Sunday, September 23, 2007

Great New Bags For Fall - Tods' Pashmy Range

Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.
Sometimes a bag needs to be practical as well as stylish, especially if it is expensive. However, this is often like trying find the Holy Grail. This season, however, Tods have produced just such a range of bags which ticks both these boxes: the Pashmy range. The bags are made from "technical fabric", not leather and trimmed with patent edging and eye-catching, yet chic, gold hardware. The fabric is water-resistant (something which was well tested on a recent vaporetto ride in Venice) making the bags an excellent option for fall to winter. There are several different styles in the range, and several different colours. However, somewhat arbitrarily, all Tods stores don't stock all models. All models have comfortable carrying handles, good-sized external pockets and are lightweight. An excellent addition to any wardrobe.

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