Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feed The World, One Bag At A Time

Photograph copyright Louisa McKenzie.
These days, we should all really be thinking of going plastic bag free, or at least, reducing our consumption of plastic bags. One great way to do this is to have one or more fabric bags to hand when you go shopping.

If you are looking for such a bag, there can be no better choice that the FEED 1 bag. This bag is an initiative of the UN World Food Program. In addition to being environmentally aware by lowering a user's consumption of plastic bags, each purchase of a FEED 1 bag has the added benefit of giving $20 directly to the World Food Program to feed one hungry child in an underdeveloped nation for the entire school year. Often, it is the lack of enough money to feed the child whilst at school which prevents a child attending school. However, the UN World Food Program states that,

"When boys and girls are given a free, nutritious meal in school, research has shown that attendance increases by 100% and performance improves greatly."

For many children, the meal provided at school is the only meal they have every day. It is therefore of vital importance.

The FEED 1 bag is reversible, with a burlap outer printed to resemble a bag which contains feed. The "inside" is white cotton and has the same print. There are three handy pockets on the white side, one in the back and two in the sides. These side pockets are ideal for bottles of water, sunglasses etc.

Availability of the bags varies worldwide. FEED 1 bags are available at Harrods in the UK and online through Amazon. For more information, please see the Program website:

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