Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Modern Classic - Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

Launched with much fanfare in 2005, this discreet Hermes scent is both modern and timeless. I have a personal dislike of overly floral or musky scents, which makes this an absolute winner for me. Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a clean, citrus-sy scent with base notes of sycamore and frankincense and top notes of grapefruit and green mango. The scent was created by Hermes' legendary "nose", Jean-Claude Ellena and immediately transports the wearer on a journey to the Nile. Another winning feature of this perfume is its elegant bottle - tall, stately, tinged with subtle gradations of green. The perfume is designed to be unisex but, unlike the majority of unisex perfumes, it does not feel too heavy for a woman to wear. It remains a modern classic amidst an increasingly crowded perfume field. One reason for this is that Hermes perfumes are characterized by their use of the best possible ingredients, resulting in a more natural smell.

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