Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beauty Blast - Nails Inc Treatment Pack 4

Photograph courtesy of Nails Inc.
In my experience, manicures in London can be fair to middling, for the most part. This is most strongly illustrated when one goes to New York and gets a magnificent, long-lasting manicure complete with complimentary shoulder massage for about $10 (that is £5, give or take). No wonder New York women have a reputation for being more groomed. Often in London, a manicure can leave you wondering why you bothered spending all the money - especially when it starts to chip the very next day. An exception is Nails Inc. These nail bars offer great service and good value for money. One manicure lasted a record seven days and this period included a trip abroad with its associated lifting of suitcases (usually such a guaranteed nail chipper that I don't even bother with a manicure). Nails Inc also offer a wonderful range of take home products for keeping your nails looking great all the time. My favorite pack is "treatment pack 4" which contains all the bits and bobs needed to help hard to grow nails: lotus oil slick pen, nail buffer, strengthening treatment, top coat and express remover wipe. The pack is well designed, practical and produces real results.
See http://www.nailsinc.com for more details on products and locations.

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