Monday, October 08, 2007

Just Another Man - ic Monday: The Secret Of Stylish Dressing

Photograph courtesy of Burton.
I'm going to let you in to a little secret. Dressing stylishly is not that hard. You just need to follow three little rules:

1. be true to yourself
2. be comfortable in what you are wearing (this doesn't mean tracksuits at all times, it means don't wear something you feel like an idiot in)
3. if you don't have a huge budget, buy cheaper clothes and more expensive accessories (except suits, buy the best suit you can afford)

Luckily, just like with womenswear, the menswear market is rapidly expanding. This means that there are better, cheaper ranges out there. One good example is the recently launched Burton Black Label, a capsule of collection of 35 key pieces in neutral colors. This means that items can be mixed and matched, both with other items in this collection and clothes you already own. The collection is very competitively priced. I would suggest, however, in order to prevent too much uniformity, that you put your own spin on items: a bright belt, interesting shoes, something which shows your personality. for details

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